Monday, January 11, 2010

Informing Innovation

Booth, C. (2009). Informing innovation: Tracking student interest in emerging library technologies at Ohio University. Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries.

This title is the comprehensive report related to the paper "If you build it, will they care? Tracking student receptivity to emerging library technologies," which was presented by Char Booth and Chris Guder at the 2009 ACRL conference.

I did not take away any new insights regarding the outcome of the surveys conducted at Ohio University, but I did find this report to be quite valuable. For me the value was in Booth's discussion of the project as a whole. She devotes a lot of time to explaining the process behind the creation of the surveys, including the types of questions to be asked and the wording of the questions. Conducting social scientific research in the field was a topic that my library science education lacked, but it something that would have ultimately benefited me professionally. Booth's explanation of the process is professional yet easy for a novice to understand. If I conduct social research in the future (which I hope that I will!), I will certainly return to this book for guidance.

In addition to the insight Booth provides into the process of her study, Booth also provides a nice bibliography (which I made sure to photocopy before returning the book!).

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